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A Brief History of Coffee

Sacarello's history of CoffeeA beverage that delights the senses… stimulating, invigorating, pleasing. Today it is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Coffee was first discovered centuries ago in ancient Ethiopia, and over the years its popularity has spread from the Middle East through Europe to the U.S.A. and now to Asia.

Coffee is the fruit or berry of an evergreen tree. The two main types are the Arabica and the Robusta. Arabica is the quality sort. Hand picked when ripe the bean is separated from the berry and then dried (or washed) and graded. The green bean keeps almost indefinitely and it is only on roasting that its wonderful aromas and flavours are released. Variations in colour, flavour and aroma develop according to the degree of the Roast.

To ensure a good cup of coffee the beans should be freshly roasted. Sacarellos have been hand roasting coffee weekly in Gibraltar since 1888. Hand roasting allows roasting each variety to its optimum roast profile.

It is important that coffee is appropriately ground for the brewing method to be used. At Sacarellos we offer you different types and blends of coffee which can be ground on the spot for you to maximise freshness.

Sacarellos Coffee third generation Raw Coffee Buyer, Blender and Roastmaster is Richard Sacarello.

The perfect cup of coffee is an individual taste. We offer you a wide range of coffees with a world wide selection of domestic coffee machines. One of the fascinating things about coffee is how the same coffee will taste differently according to its method of preparation.

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