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Domestic Coffee Makers

Domestic Coffee Makers

La Cafetiere

Plunger Method. A fast & easy way to make a coffee and elegant on the table.

Grind: Medium

Sacarello's Gibraltar - Domestic Coffee Makers,

Sowden “Soft Brew”

A Fast and less messy way to create a good cup of coffee.

Grind: Medium

Sowden Doft Brew - Sacarello's Gibraltar

Traditional Espresso Pot

Makes a great coffee (particularly if the blend is strong) & fills the room with aroma.

Grind: Between Fine & Espresso Fine (no. 4)

Sacarello's Coffee Makers

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Makes remarkably good incredibly smooth espresso-style coffee!

Grind: Filter Fine

AeroPress Coffee Maker at Sacarello's Gibraltar

Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper is a new way to make coffee. It’s unique valve system means it can be passed between cup or mug without any spillage at all!

Grind: Filter Fine

Clever Coffee Dripper - Sacarello's Gibraltar

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