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The Irish Connection

The Sacarello's Irish ConnectionPatrick, Phillip, Joseph and Richard’s mother was from Ballingary, Tipperary, Ireland.

Margaret was part of a numerous family whose parents John Doohan was from Lissycasey, Ennis, Clare, and Nora Slattery from Tralee, Kerry.

Margaret (Peggy) spent most of her happy childhood in the family house next to the Pike church – 1km away from Ballingary. Her father was a teacher.

Her parents are buried next door in the church’s grounds in a beautiful tombstone. The cross is Celtic.

Like many Irish have had to, Peggy left Ireland in the 40’s in search of a job.  She preferred not to become a nun as three of her sisters did.

Initially teaching English in Paris at an Irish nun’s school she drifted down to Spain. She loved the Spanish people and settled in Madrid, teaching at the British Institute and subsequently as resident teacher to the children of the Thiebaut family.

In the fine cortijo the Thiebauts had at the Escorial on the occasion of a tienta (bulls bravery are tested by horsemen) Federico met the fair Irish dame.

He fell in love with her immediately brushing aside all thoughts of retiring to live as a monk.

On the morning of his marriage Federico visited the chapel at the Cortijo and was astounded to see some workmen roll out a red carpet. Who is this for he asked?

An English lord they replied.

So commenced a Happy marriage.

Patrick is very proud to be Irish as well as Gibraltarian.

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